About Red hot ginger

About Red Hot Ginger ehhh erm ! Here goes ......

We are a husband and wife run company that appreciate the 'lifestyle' and guess what ? The wife has ginger hair and is hot ( hubby's opinion) so the Red Hot Ginger name and logo was created tadaah.......

It all started in 2016 when we noticed a real lack of very naughty slogan knickers, we needed more than the likes of 'bite me' and 'eat me' so we decided to make some of our own, first off the press was a pair of boxer shorts for hubby sporting our new Red Hot Ginger logo and the slogan 'Property of Red Hot Ginger' after that we really started taking them to that extra level of naughty.

We were so happy with of our naughty knickers we added some onto E-bay under the name Red Hot Ginger and found out that others loved our Swinger inspired risky slogan knickers as much as us.

 The problem we then developed was  that some of our designs  got a bit to risky for that site which made us limit our content, this would never do so our Web site Red Hot Ginger was created and here we are.

We are now able to offer a larger range of designs, manage bulk orders with ease, offer bespoke work and communicate freely with customer whilst still keeping our customers privacy a priority.

Every item on this site has been personally designed by us and must fit our strict naughtiness criteria to make it onto our Red Hot Ginger website.

Our first knickers soon became inspiration for our glasses so people could put on the table just what sexy scenario they favoured and the glasses got a fantastic response, so another line of Red Hot Ginger products was made available.

Happy husbands all over can now treat their Hot wife to something cheeky and 'lifestyle' related, a secret gift between them or have the opportunity to show of your best glasses and knickers when 'socialising'.

We have many ideas and will have new items constantly on our site ,it's how we like to keep things fresh. As we all know variety is the spice of the 'lifestyle' happy swinging folks .

Thanks for reading xx

Red Hot Ginger